We have been providing streaming music and video services in SecondLife for over four years now, helping live musicians and businesses make the most of the streaming music and video capabilites within Second Life and on the internet.

Currently we offer a wide range of Shoutcast, IceCast, CentovaCast Automated DJ and Quicktime streaming services, with servers across the United States and Europe.

We can provide you with a custom solution to suit your needs, whether you need a stream for a one off event, a personal stream or all the way upto a large scale project, we provide streams from 10 listeners to over 1000!

For further information on what we can offer please visit our in-world store or if you would prefer I can provide a quote for a specific streaming solution, simply contact me Jamie Otis via email or in-world IM and I will do my best to assist you.

Shoutcast & Icecast server rental offering:
Our standard shoutcast and icecast servers offer 100 listeners @ 192kbits with 10Gb of storage space (for use with CentovaCast 3.1 automated DJ server) for US$14.99/month.

The CentovaCast automated dj system is a excellent one, it allows you to manage multiple playlists, with scheduled playlists, sponsor/advert inserts, royalty reporting, great listener statistics and easy control of your stream for live broadcasts. We do also offer shoutcast and icecast streams without any automated dj system if this is not required.

Quicktime (Darwin) server rental offering:
Our standard quicktime server rental offers upto 50 viewers with 10Gb storage (for uploaded videos/media for use with Quicktime's online streaming playlisit) for US$31.99/month.

The Quicktime server allows you to stream live video from your computer, but also upload prerecorded videos which the server can stream live from online playlists. The quicktime server can also stream live mp3 playlists. Multiple playlists can be streamed all at the same time from the same server using different mount points. The playlist system is not as advanced as the Centova system used on our shoutcast and icecast servers, but is webbased and easy to use.

If you require a customized server solution (such as more or less listeners/viewers, more storage space or any other options), just contact Jamie Otis

Please allow upto 24 hours for your brand new server to be setup (many servers are setup alot quicker!)

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How to stream in Second Life
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